Instagram Bot for $5

This Instagram Bot has the ability to like, unlike, follow, unfollow. Right now it is for sale for only $5. This is currently the sale price and price could go up at any given time without notice. Currently the bot is only compatible for Windows. In the future a Mac compatible bot will be available.

Uses of the Instagram bot

This instagram bot  functions great and has many uses. Whether you want to use it to gain followers, gain likes on photos, or even just like others pictures to get your name, company name, or product out there it will work great for you or your business. Statistics have shown that when you like another user’s photo there is about a 67% chance that they will come back and look at your page. When you comment on another user’s photo there is a 79% chance they will return to your page. When you comment AND like another user’s photo it increases to about a 91% chance!

Hash-tags with Instagram Bot

like followers bots

This instagram bot runs depending on the hash-tags you input. You can input about 20 hash-tags per session. What that means is, for example, you enter #money, it will like, unlike, follow, unfollow all the most recent pictures posted with the #money. With this instagram bot you have the option to check if you’d like to solely like, just unlike, just follow, etc… or you can check them all at once and it will do them all at once. (as shown below in the screenshot of the instagram bot)

instagram followers bots

Account Protection Feature with Instagram Bot

This instagram bot has a built in safety feature that detects if your account is subject to being banned or is going over the LPH or CPH (Likes Per Hour or Comments Per Hour) limit that instagram has set in there new policies. So there will never be a worry for your account to be banned.

instagram bot

Buy Your Instagram Bot Now!

The Instagram bot is currently at an affordable $5 USD. Bot’s price will go up when 1,000 downloads have been reached. So act now and press the button below to purchase and secure your bot for $5 USD. After payment is made you will receive a email with instructions on how to launch and use the bot.




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